About Me

I am almost Norfolk born and bred, having moved here as a baby and stayed until I was 18. I then escaped and spent almost 20 years living in various places, getting as far as Lincolnshire at one point. I also made my home in Durham, Bristol, Maidstone, York and Wakefield plus time living in France and Spain, before being lured back to Norfolk in my late 30s. I might have escaped for ever, had it not been for the fact that I married a Norfolk boy.
I work as a teacher of Spanish in a Norwich school and have a son, cat and hedgehog.

I love language and writing and get my inspiration from the things that happen around me on a daily basis. Although some posts have clearly had a hefty dose of poetic licence applied, I do write from personal experience and there is always a strong basis of truth in what I say.

I would love to hear from any readers about how you came across me and what you think of the blog.
Thanks for reading!

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